Organized youth team sports helps young people to develop team work, leadership, and life skills while building self-esteem. These skills learned at a young age transfer throughout an individual’s life to assist a person to succeed in life’s daily challenges. Life-long friendships are also established year to year. 

Boys & Girls Club of McAllen’s Sports Department oversees all aspects of the team sports program including registration, team development, volunteer recruitment, coaches & referee training, and regular season and playoff scheduling. Our Athletic Director ensures a quality team sports program enabling all interested youth a chance to participate, have equal playing time in practice and games, and the opportunity to learn and improve basic fundamental sports skills. The life-long benefits include improved health, strength, flexibility, and confidence. Studies show that children who participate in sports do better in school than non-participants.    


Coaching young people is an exciting way to be involved in sports with your children. Coaching youth sports is both fun and rewarding. A coach assumes the responsibilities of doing everything possible to ensure that the players on his team will have an enjoyable experience. Application forms are available online and at all Boys & Girls Club locations. Coaches are required to meet Club standards and philosophies as well as submit to background checks.

Quality Boys & Girls Club team sports programs would not be possible without community support. As a sponsor, the sponsorship helps to provide a team with shirts for all players and the coaches with your company name/logo, it also helps to fund equipment for practices and games, referees, and awards for all participants at the end of the season. Most importantly though, as a sponsor you will be making it possible for underprivileged children to participate who otherwise could not.